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incentivised influence.

new kids on the block decentralized block -- introducing blockreview, building a worldwide advocate network of tech geeks and nerds incentivized by crypto using the steem blockchain and promoting steemhunt before reviewhunt launch!

Utilizing Reviewhunt from steemhunt
The Future of Product Hunting

The Future of Product Reviewing and Advocacy will be Blockchain Incentivized. Reviewers earn STEEM power for submission on steemhunt and HUNT tokens to have 'skin in the game' for the upcoming reviewhunt.
BLOCK REVIEW wants to be a conduit for up and coming undiscovered tech reviewers from around the globe.

The perfect bridge to reviewhunt

as technologists and moderators already to steemhunt we knew we had to find tech reviewers from across the world to provide a discovery engine for brands, agencies and events looking for the latest up and coming talent when the future of the global NDA media release could be smart contract based removing all roadblocks and barriers to entry.

it's time to stack those HUNT tokens.

the steemhunt project ( is the first part in a series of three sites in their roadmap with the HUNT token at the core -- ideahunt will be the third phase of the roadmap building a blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform (the existing market size is huge with over 30 billion USD) with tokenisation who knows the potential of this marketplace!

@teamhumble and the amplify project

'it's my intention to empower a decentralized global network of crypto enabled media makers to be the next wave of influencers and brand advocates. real time, zero fees market place to connect brands together with the next generation of reviewers who can tender on agency and brand smart contracts for a seamless end to end experience never seen before eliminating middle men and clunky payment systems.

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we are looking for existing media makers who love to review products and are already into crypto or want to get started on the steem blockchain.

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we are looking to development a mockup next of what we believe the backend site could look like. if you want in on this we would love to discuss working with you.